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The case for renting clothes and how to get it right the first time

If you think you want to transition from buying all of your clothes to renting, there are three things to keep in mind. Sponsored by Armoire.

SEATTLE — It's estimated the average person has more than 120 pieces of clothing in their closet, but only wear a fraction of it. 

That's why some people are turning to clothing rentals.  

Less waste means a more sustainable lifestyle, a fresh rotation of new clothes, and avoiding buyer's remorse. 

Ambika Singh is the CEO and founder of Armoire clothing rental. 

"What I would recommend is always renting first. The reason for that is that all of us have that impulse in us. We see something we love and we buy it. And then, you wear it once and you get home and you're like I wish I didn't own this thing," explained Singh. "The great thing about renting is you get to get over that impulse purchase by wearing it and enjoying it. If you've worn it a few times and it's still sparking you joy and you could see yourself wearing it in the future, that's the kind of thing I would buy."

At Armoire, you can get rental clothes delivered for free if you live within 30 miles, but they deliver all over the country. 

You also have the option to visit the store and try on the clothes before renting them. 

If you would like to experiment with renting some clothes before buying, there are three things to keep in mind. 

Tip #1: Clean out your closet

In other words, simplify. Knowing what to things to keep and what to rent is key. Make sure you have the basics that go with the items that you are renting. 

"We have invested in finding the best basics partners. We know those are things women need in their closets. A particular favorite is Proto 101 in Seattle and they make tank tops, t-shirts, long sleeves and leggings," Singh shared. "They are all great items to pair with a statement piece."

And speaking of statements, that's where the fun of renting comes in. 

Tip #2 - Splurge    

"The things that are especially fun to rent are the things that your practical mind would not allow you to buy. If you've ever had that moment, where you're like I really want to wear that or I can't afford that; or it would be crazy to own, those are things to rent from us," Singh said. "A sparkly duster, a really out loud red coat, or maybe shorts that are one and done, those are the things to come to us for."

 Tip #3: Read the reviews 

When renting, you want to see what clothes will work well on your body. 

The Armoire PWR Feed and review section help you do that. Other renters share details about the fabric, the fit, or whether the size runs small or large. It will help save you time when choosing what items would be best to rent.

"We really are there for every moment of your life. We have the comfiest joggers, incredible TV ready dresses, fun summer dresses, rompers for the beach," Singh shared. "We have tried to be where our customers need us to be."

At Armoire, if you rent a piece of clothing and fall in love, you always have the option to buy. 

Use promo code: KING5 for a special discount. 

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