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Solutions for your dry eyes

Two innovative, non-invasive treatments can help alleviate symptoms of dry eye like irritation, burning, and redness. Sponsored by Eyes on You.

SEATTLE — If you spend too much time looking at screens throughout the day, you may suffer from dry eye. This, along with certain medications, aging, and other factors, cause symptoms of dry eye for many people. 

“It’s actually kind of scary, the statistics at this point,” said Dr. Evie Lawson of Eyes on You Seattle. “Eighty percent of patients who are sitting in front of a computer screen all day, which is most of us, we’re seeing signs of dry eye.”

The meibomian oil gland stops working properly in most cases of dry eye. Two treatments offered by Eyes on You help to get the glands healthy and working effectively again. 

Radio Frequency (RF) treatment applies heat deep down around the glands. This helps heal atrophied glands and increases collagen and elastin. It can also smooth out the texture of the skin, decrease signs of pigmentation and ease symptoms of skin conditions. 

“The RF treatment is so relaxing,” Dr. Lawson said. “It’s so soothing. It’s almost like a hot stone massage.”

Intense Pulse Light (IPL) treatment penetrates the skin and works to stop inflammation below the surface. It decreases swelling and reduces redness, so it can be used on the full face if there are signs of inflammation and sun damage. 

“We’re specifically targeting those glands on the top and bottom lid when we’re just doing treatment for dry eye,” Dr. Lawson said. 

It can take time to achieve optimal results, but many Eyes on You patients have seen great success in relieving dry eye symptoms

“I’m just living my best life as an optometrist right now because I’m actually helping to cure these issues,” Dr. Lawson said.

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