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Self-Care Essentials: Tips for staying ahead of your health

Doctors and experts share their advice for being proactive about your physical health and mental well-being in a KING 5 special presentation. Sponsored by Premera

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The concept of taking time to help yourself feel refreshed and recharged is not new — but "self-care" is something that our society has recently begun taking way more seriously. Whether it be a relaxing day at the spa, exploring the great outdoors, or a lazy day at home, there are many things we do to treat ourselves and de-stress. However, there are always steps we can take to better our overall physical health and mental well-being. 

Keep reading to learn about our "Self-Care Essentials" — doctor, expert, and KING 5 staff recommended tips to lead a healthier lifestyle.

"Self-Care Essentials", a KING 5 special presentation, is sponsored by Premera Blue Cross.