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Screenings save lives: When to get screened for breast cancer

Overlake’s multi-disciplinary breast cancer clinic in Bellevue brings multiple services under one roof. Sponsored Overlake Medical Center.

Overlake Medical Center recommends that women at average breast cancer risk start regular annual mammograms at age 40. Women may be able to move to screening every 2 years at age 55 after consulting with a physician. 

“I would definitely cushion that around a good conversation with your primary care provider,” said Dr. Eileen Consorti, breast oncologic surgeon and medical director of Overlake Medical Cancer Center.

Those with a family history of breast cancer should talk with a doctor about the best screening plan. Overlake also offers genetic counseling consultations and cancer screening tests to help you understand your risk of developing cancer. 

“Every woman should have a conversation with their primary care providers about their risk factors, including family history of all types of cancer, not just breast cancer, to determine if they would be a candidate for getting genetically tested,” Dr. Consorti said.

Overlake’s new multi-disciplinary breast cancer clinic in Bellevue focuses on providing personalized care. The pathologist, breast radiologist, medical oncologist, breast surgical oncologist, radiation oncologist, and nurse navigator are all under one roof to provide a cohesive treatment plan. 

“Overlake was very supportive in helping us start the multi-disciplinary breast cancer clinic,” Dr. Consorti said. “It really helps these women with new diagnoses on their journey for breast cancer treatment.”

A nurse navigator helps patients schedule appointments and necessary testing, and appointments can be conveniently scheduled back-to-back, all under one roof. The clinic also provides oncology social workers after each visit, if a patient chooses, to assist with any supportive care needs.

Dr. Consorti is committed to helping patients get back to living life cancer free.

“I’m a breast cancer survivor,” she said. “I was diagnosed in 2013. It’s my passion to help women through this journey and really do well in the long run.”

To learn more about screenings and breast cancer care, visit the Overlake Medical Center website.

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