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Nourish Everyone: Help end food insecurity with grocery cards

Gift cards enhance access to a much wider variety of fresh and nutritious foods. Sponsored by Safeway.

It’s estimated that one in eight households struggle with severe food insecurity and one in three need food assistance to be able to consistently keep meals on the table. Safeway’s Nourish Everyone program provides grocery gift cards to those in need.

“The first thing really to understand is that there are a lot of people struggling with food insecurity who might never go to a food bank,” said Sara Osborne of Safeway. “The cards are really designed for us to partner with other organizations assisting those people, who don’t need to have a food pantry or have to distribute the food, so it allows us to reach more people struggling with food insecurity.”

Safeway has various community partners helping to distribute gifts cards. These include clinics and schools that send cards home with those who need them. 

“It’s just much easier for all involved, and we’re reaching so many people who might not be able to access a food bank,” Osborne said.

With 200 locations throughout the state, recipients have access to a much wider variety of fresh and nutritious foods than they would at most food banks. This also allows people to purchase food important for their traditions, culture, and comfort. 

“They still want to have the dignity of choice to go to a store like everybody else and be able to choose how they buy food for their families and what they cook for their families,” Osborne said. “Just getting a little bit of relief like that has been hugely beneficial for them.”

Nourish Everyone doesn’t just offer gift cards. Service organizations partnering with Safeway provide the cards, as well as education and training for people to be empowered to achieve self-sufficiency.

“The key is community partners. We’re going beyond helping people with food to empowering them to improve their lives.”

To give to Nourish Everyone, you can donate $5, $10, or $12 during checkout at Safeway. 

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