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This anti-aging skincare routine changes according to the day's weather

Pour Moi’s 3-step Climate-Smart system allows products to soak into the skin for best results. Sponsored by Pour Moi Skincare.

Your skin changes based on the climate you’re in, so Pour Moi Skincare founder Ulli Haslacher created climate-specific skincare products to help the skin rejuvenate and repair itself. 

“What you need in Seattle in that marine climate where you have a lot of humidity, reflection of light from the ocean and overcast skies, it’s just very different than what your skin needs, for example, in Las Vegas in the desert,” Haslacher explained.

Pour Moi’s anti-aging products earned two U.S. patents. It took the company almost a decade to prove that the Climate-Smart system works better than what competitors offer and that the products are new and innovative. 

Credit: Pour Moi Skincare

The products in the 3-Step Rotating System work together to repair your skin. Where many skincare products, even expensive ones, sit on top of the skin, Pour Moi soaks into the skin to produce results. 

The Hydrating Balancer immediately hydrates the skin in the climate you’re in and creates a magnet for the serum. This allows the Blue Serum to go exactly where it needs to go. You then use the Marine Day Cream to lock these products (and their results) into your skin. 

Haslacher considers nighttime its own climate, so Pour Moi has specially formulated Night Cream. 

“The absence of light affects all life on this planet, and it also affects humans,” Haslacher said. “The number one thing it affects is your skin. It completely changes its biochemistry and biorhythm at night.”

Pour Moi’s Night Cream aligns with this process, and though it is often sold out, it’s included in a discounted spring package for New Day NW viewers.

Credit: Pour Moi Skincare
Pour Moi’s Spring Special Offer comes with both the 3-Step Rotating System for the Pacific Northwest and Night Cream to adapt to the nighttime climate.

SPRING SPECIAL OFFER: Get Pour Moi’s 3-Step Rotating System: Pacific Northwest with Night Cream for $89. (Regular retail $189)

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