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Protect your skin from the effects of blue light

Blue light from your devices can impact your skin and worsen wrinkles and sagginess. Sponsored by Pour Moi.

Pour Moi’s Climate-Smart skincare products optimize hydration and anti-aging results based on the weather where you live and travel. 

“What you need in Seattle in that marine, Pacific Northwest climate, what your skin needs to look youthful, is very different than if you’re in Phoenix in the desert or if you’re in Denver on the mountain,” said Ulli Haslacher, founder and CEO of Pour Moi. “That is Climate-Smart.”

In additional to Climate-Smart, Pour Moi is helping people adapt to environmental factors too. 

“Environmental smart is really everything else but weather,” Haslacher said. “It’s the blue light, pollution, smoke from wildfire particles in the air. It’s everything that’s not weather and surrounds your face and impacts how your skin looks.”

New findings suggest excessive exposure to blue light from our devices can cause and deepen wrinkles. Pour Moi’s Botanical Reversal Mask has a blue light defending gel formula. Using it for 2 minutes a day can give you an invisible shield against the effects of blue light. 

“Blue light is really a new kind of ager that we were not familiar with, and now you can do something about it,” Haslacher said.

Getting enough sunlight and vitamin D also can get more difficult in the cooler months. This can impact your skin’s texture and make fine lines more noticeable. Sunlight Drops are specifically formulated to boost skin’s repair and renewal process in sunlight-deprived environments and give it a vitamin D3-like boost. 

SPECIAL OFFER: Get the Environment-Smart Skin Defense Kit (Botanical Mask, Sunlight Drops and hair band) for $77 with free shipping. (Regular retail $107). 

All products in the Environment-Smart Skin Defense Kit are made in France with clean ingredients. 

“We put them all together so you can protect your skin,” Haslacher said. 

To find more information and purchase the kit, visit the Pour Moi website.

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