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The meaning behind the Pike Place Market pigs - Harborstone Heroes

These piggybanks help raise money for the Pike Place Market Foundation. Sponsored by Harborstone Credit Union.

SEATTLE — In the busiest place in Seattle, one lady stands out — Rachel the Pig.

She's a popular porcine, along with her sister Billie the Pig. They're changing lives one dollar at a time — because every dollar that goes into their bank goes to the Pike Place Market Foundation.

"Rachel came to us in 1986," said Lillian Sherman, the executive director of the Pike Place Market Foundation. "And between the two of them, they raise between 15 and $20,000 a year."

The Foundation does a lot — they support a clinic, a preschool, housing for elders, and they help low-income shoppers afford fruit and vegetables. And that's just a few of the things they do.

"Many people don't realize what a neighborhood, what a village, the market is," Sherman said. "It takes partners like Harborstone to really make it happen."

Harborstone Credit Union supports the foundation financially, giving them the support they need to stress less about money and focus on their work.

Credit: Pike Place Market Foundation
The Foundation operates a food bank.

"Most people don't realize the depth of the Pike Place Market," Sherman said. "And the foundation has the privilege of being the glue that really inspires people to participate in our community. We love that people come to visit the market, we love to engage people, we love to talk to people every day."

And as for Sherman's favorite pig?

"You know, they each have their unique personality," Sherman said. "Rachel definitely gets more attention. So we often try and get out to see Billie more often, but they're both sweet pigs.

Sweet pigs, who help the foundation make a big difference.

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