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How Olympia oysters get from the tide to your table

Chelsea Farms is a family-run oyster business on Eld Inlet - and they're bringing Olympia oysters straight to your plate. Sponsored by Experience Olympia & Beyond.

OLYMPIA, Wash. — The clean, cold waters of Eld Inlet are the perfect place for the oysters, clams and geoducks of Chelsea Farms to flourish.

"My parents started Chelsea farms in 1987," says owner Shina Wysocki. "They had a dream of sustainable farming and it morphed into sustainable shellfish farming as they learned more about it."

Once the tide goes down, the employees of Chelsea Farms head out with headlamps to collect the shellfish.

"Shellfish farming is a really cool part of Olympia's history," says Wysocki. "We're so fortunate to have clean water here where we can grow clams and oysters for people to eat. And having the restaurant allows people to experience that here."

Credit: KING 5
Chelsea Farms harvests the oysters from Eld Inlet.

"Farmers will always tell you that their bay is the best and they have the best tasting oysters," Wysocki says. "And that is true, Eld Inlet is the best bay to grow oysters in. They have a beautiful, clean, cucumber flavor here. Very mild, a great starter oyster."

Shina Wysocki carries on her parents' passion, serving the very oysters of Eld Inlet. Literally, tide to table.

"For me, tide to table feels like connecting people with the food that we grow here in our communities," says Wysocki.

So Shina Wysocki hasn't just carried on Chelsea Farms - she's made it bigger and closer to her community, all at once. Inviting people to connect with her family's legacy through good food.

"This was their dream," says Wysocki. "But their dream was so alive and amazing that it has created jobs for our sixty employees. It has become my dream too. And it feels amazing to continue doing this."

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