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One Love Foundation teaches teens the warning signs of a troubled relationship

Empowering young people now will lead to healthy relationships in the future. Sponsored by One Love Foundation

SEATTLE — Described as "a force to be reckoned with," Yeardley Love was on a path to a bright future. But in 2010, just weeks before she was set to graduate college, the 22-year-old was beaten to death by her ex-boyfriend.  To help preserve her legacy and help others avoid a similar fate, Yeardley's family founded the One Love Foundation.

"Yeardley's family have just made this huge impact on the world by creating a foundation that gives people the tools when they're very, very young, to start identifying problems and relationships, which, if they continue, if they're not addressed can lead to tragedies," said Lauri Hennessey, executive director of the Pacific Northwest Region of One Love Foundation.

While no relationship is perfect, One Love says there are warning signs to look for. 

"Are you allowed to have an independent life? Is someone too possessive? Are you allowed to be respected in your relationship?" said Hennessey. "It's all of these questions that we believe if people ask themselves the questions when they're younger, they can start building the awareness so that someday if they were in the position that Yardley was in, they would know that it's not a healthy relationship."

Since it launched, the nonprofit has helped enlighten more than 2 million young people through workshops, both online and in-person.

"We go into schools and go into community groups, and basically talk about the signs you should be aware of. And there's all these wonderful videos and little brochures that we give people that are all kind of bite-sized learning lessons," said Hennessey.

East Lake High student Rohan Kurup learned so much when One Love came to his school, he's now a volunteer for the group.

"I had recently come out of that relationship. And I knew it had been like a real drag on me. But when I actually looked at one of the things that they did in that workshop, which is the 10 signs of an unhealthy relationship, that kind of like opened my eyes to what I was actually going through. And so yeah, it really helped me realize what had happened to me. And it made me like, motivated to kind of help do that to others," said Kurup.

"All of us grow into a life of relationships, but no one ever really teaches us about how we deserve to be treated," said Hennessey. "So I think going into schools, it's the perfect place the perfect time to have kids the tools they need so they can be aware of it."

From a great tragedy to a worthy cause, the One Love Foundation hopes empowering young people now will lead to healthy relationships in the future.

You can help support One Love and have a little fun at the same time this weekend. The second annual Move for Love Seattle is a 5k run/walk that takes place at Lumen Field. The fundraiser will feature food, music, and other entertainment. The goal is to come and celebrate and raise awareness and money for the One Love Foundation. It all takes place this Saturday, May 20th at 10:00 am at Lumen Field. 

Registration info can be found here.

Sponsored by One Love Foundation. KING 5's Evening celebrates the Northwest. Contact us: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Email.

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