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Easy ways men can polish their style

Fashion writer Andrew Hoge shares five tips to help men elevate their style. Sponsored by 425 Magazine.
Credit: KING 5
Fashion writer Andrew Hoge shares five tips to help men elevate their style.

We know we feature a lot of women's fashion on the show, but not to worry — we haven't forgotten about the men!

425 Magazine fashion writer Andrew Hoge joined the show to share a few easy ways for men to polish their style.

Tip 1: Match your belt, shoes … and bag

  • Generally speaking the color, leather quality, and texture of these three pieces should be as close as possible
  • Great way to build a foundational wardrobe as you continue to refine your style
  • Easy way to add refinement to your look especially if you are attending a wedding, job interview, or slightly more formal occasion

Tip 2: Start with foundational wardrobe pieces

  • A transitional jacket in a neutral color is good to have for many occasions, especially in the PNW’s fickle summer months
  • Good pieces to aim for are sports jackets, suede (or suede-like), or bomber jackets
  • Similarly, t-shirts that fit well are good to have on hand: slightly fitted, scalloped hemline, slightly wide neck
  • Seek out pieces in neutral colors like black, white, navy, and grey — and if you are looking for something more current, try muted earth tones like sage and yellow

Tip 3: Pick a scent

  • A signature cologne can be an extension of your personal style and add complexity to your overall style
  • Scent can be a complex endeavor and it can take a while to find one that is perfect for you, however, opt for a one that is either citrus or wood forward for universal appeal
  • Cologne is like wine, sometimes you have to sample a lot to find the right fit!

Tip 4: Sculpt your face

  • Facial hair and beards are more popular than ever, however, proper maintenance is essential for great style
  • The OneBlade is a cheap and effective tool to sculpt facial hair —define your cheekbones and neckline for a polished look
  • A shaving brush and cream are essential if you shave often or are planning on losing the hair altogether. They can help lift facial hair before shaving to avoid bumps and ensure a clean shave

Tip 5: Focus on fit

  • The most important factor when it comes to buying clothes is fit — proper fit can make the difference between a look that is lazy vs. one that is attractive.
  • However, we are probably not going to all go out and order custom suits and jackets so there are three measurements to keep in mind when buying:
    • Shoulder width: Seams should flush to the upper bicep
    • Sleeve length: End at the wrist without rippling fabric
    • Pants: Generally speaking, there should be no break or the smallest of breaks between your hem and shoes

Bonus: Have fun with underwear!

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