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Get rid of glasses at any age with these quick, effective procedures

A number of procedures can restore your vision and are done in minutes at SharpeVision’s Bellevue center. Sponsored by SharpeVision MODERN LASIK & LENS.

SEATTLE — If you’re ready to ditch your glasses or contacts, you have options, thanks to innovative eye procedures. SharpeVision MODERN LASIK & LENS offers a variety of vision correction procedures at their new facility in Bellevue.

“The most exciting thing is that we have integrated all the refractive procedures,” said Dr. Matthew Sharpe of SharpeVision. “That is a procedure that allows our patients to live life without glasses.”

The new facility integrates LASIK, PRK and implantable contact lens procedures with a surgery center where doctors perform the Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE). RLE is best for people 45 and older who have cataracts or those who need reading glasses.

“Anyone, any age or any prescription, whether you’ve got coke bottle thick glasses or just reading glasses, we can get you out of them here at SharpeVision Modern LASIK,” Dr. Sharpe said.

LASIK is a painless laser procedure to correct vision. The doctors at SharpeVision guide patients through the process every step of the way.

“Once we get in the room, it’s about seven minutes from the time you lie down to when you sit up,” Dr. Sharpe said.

With Refractive Lens Exchange, a doctor removes your dysfunctional lens and replaces it with an artificial lens with full functionality to focus without needing glasses or contacts.

“This is using lasers,” said Dr. Luke Barker of SharpeVision. “No needles, no blades, no stitches, no blood.”

RLE allows patients to see objects clearly, corrects astigmatism and prevents the need for cataract surgery as patients age.

SharpeVision MODERN LASIK & LENS offers a free comprehensive exam for new patients. Doctors evaluate a patient’s eyes and vision and provide education about the best procedure or next steps.

To learn more about LASIK, RLE and other vision correction options, visit the SharpeVision website.

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