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Houseplants give outdoor containers a tropical pop

Ciscoe says most houseplants do fine outdoors in the summer. Sponsored by Dramm.

Gardening expert Ciscoe Morris has a twist on traditional outdoor containers — houseplants.

“You should do what I do, go to the houseplant section of the nursery because there are some plants that are so colorful and so unusual your pots will look so cool you won’t believe it!”

He recently found a croton — a fairly common houseplant — at a local nursery.  

“Look at all the color on this. Now, this plant is hard to grow in the house, but it grows great outdoors. By the way, this is a sun-loving plant, and this is a nice sunny spot in my garden, so it’s the perfect plant for this.” 

Ciscoe added that this plant is related to the poinsettia, so the leaves are toxic, don’t put this plant anywhere a pet might chew on it.

“Now you can use tropical plants in shade containers, in fact, it's easier to find ones that like shade,” Ciscoe said, showing off a plant with yellow striped leaves he’s about to plop into a shade container. “This plant comes from Brazil, it’s called a ‘Never Never Plant’, it’s a relative of the prayer plant, it even folds up its leaves at night. One nice thing about this plant is I can prune it without harming it.”

Ciscoe says containers with a hint of the tropics are the perfect cure for the gloomy weather we’ve been having. 

“Oh la la is this beautiful or what!? Anyone who comes to have dinner or a drink at my house is gonna love my tropical plants!”

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