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Holiday shopping made easy with Pour Moi

Pour Moi has two gift sets to make shopping easy this year. Sponsored by Pour Moi Skincare.

SEATTLE — Pour Moi Skincare is climate-smart skincare, meaning that their products are specifically formulated to work in whatever climate you're in. It's a skincare revolution that founder Ulli Haslacher spent years working on.

"You dress your skin like you dress yourself for extraordinary anti-aging results," says Haslacher.

For instance, if you're in Western Washington during the winter, you'll want to use their Marine set for our rainy weather. Eastern Washington? Use the Desert set.

Credit: KING 5
They've taken $100 off their WOW five-piece gift set.

This year, Pour Moi is offering $100 off its Climate-Smart WOW 5-Piece Gift Set. This includes their new Moisture Burst Mask, perfect for winter. It also comes in a biodegradable Christmas box, so it's ready to go!

"It's the world's first mask that acclimates to your skin and to the marine climate that is very stressful on your skin in the rainy season," Haslacher says.

SPECIAL OFFER: Get Pour Moi’s Climate-Smart WOW 5-Piece Gift Set for $69 with free shipping. (Regular retail $169).

Their second holiday offer is stocking stuffer day creams. These are great to give to friends or a small gift for yourself!

"They are no brainers because you're not going to have to know somebody's skin type, their age, their ethnicity, their gender - all you need to know is where they live in our beautiful country," Haslacher says.

Credit: Pour Moi Skincare
Pour Moi has two deals this year.

SPECIAL OFFER: Get Pour Moi’s Climate-Smart Day Creams for $15 for 30 ml or $10 for 15 ml (Regular retail $35 or $25).

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