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Give the gift of great skin

Climate matters more than skin type according to this entrepreneur. Sponsored by Pour Moi.

SEATTLE — It's skincare customized to zip code instead of skin type. 

According to Ulli Haslacher, the founder and CEO of  Pour Moi Skincare, where you live is the most important factor to consider when taking care of your skin.

"What you need in Seattle in that marine climate that you live in to have youthful, healthy looking skin is totally different than if you live in Las Vegas in a desert climate. And that is Climate-Smart,” said Haslacher, referring to her company’s patented system that pairs skincare product with users based on the climate their skin is in.

“This is based on huge medical research that says that your skin biochemically changes, it adjusts to the weather that you live in and so for skincare to really work its best it needs to be formulated to work in that particular climate that you live in,” she explained.

Climate matters so much that Haslacher recommends different products whether you live in western Washington or east of the Cascades. Pour Moi offers a range of day creams, night creams, serums, body lotions, masks and more specifically targeted to work well with different weather, temperatures, humidity and atmospheric conditions. 

Pour Moi’s online holiday store offers a variety of gifts, ranging from a stocking stuffer Day Cream for $9 to a Holiday Gift of Youth set for $150. You don’t need to know any particular details about the recipient or their skin to gift these products, other than the climate they live in. Pour Moi’s products are made for 10 different regions in the United States.  

All products are made in France with clean ingredients and come with free shipping and a money-back guarantee. 

Learn more about Climate-Smart and view all of the available gift options at the Pour Moi holiday store.  

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