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Fight digital eye strain with new technology

Neurolens can help relieve symptoms like headaches, light sensitivity and dizziness due to eye misalignment and eye muscles over working. Sponsored by Eyes on You.

SEATTLE — New technology is helping eye doctors get more accurate, objective data than ever before. A Neurolens scan allows doctors to measure the amount of eye misalignment a patient has and create a solution.

“The fact that we have two eyes has kind of been ignored, for the most part, by eye doctors,” said Dr. Evie Lawson of Eyes on You.

People are spending more and more time in front of screens, and this can be hard on eyes, resulting in unwanted symptoms if eyes are misaligned. Neurolens provides custom lenses to help correct this issue.

“The lenses are created for normal humans who need just a little bit more help in looking at their computer screen and relieving some of those symptoms from device use,” Dr. Lawson said.

Dr. Lawson’s patients who have Neurolenses have experienced relief from headaches, including migraines, dizziness, eye strain, fatigue and more.

“I learned what my symptoms were after I started wearing the lenses,” said Mark Rosenwald, Neurolens patient. “Because you cope and tolerate all of the minor aggravations, or the inflammations, or the fatigue, because it’s just who you are and how you’ve adapted to the process of your job and what you put your eyes through every day.”

Rosenwald said he experienced relief from tension because his eyes are able to function without having an imbalance.

“They don’t just correct for the clarity but also the posture of where your eyes are located,” Dr. Lawson said.

Many people, like Rosenwald, just deal with symptoms without realizing what they are experiencing isn’t normal. Some of Dr. Lawson’s patients have even had anxiety relief, and studies show Neurolens can improve reading speed and attention.

“This can be miraculous for people who have always struggled with their eyes working together,” Dr. Lawson said.

Eyes on You Seattle is offering a free Neurolens assessment scan for New Day viewers for a limited time. Visit the Eyes on You website to learn more.

Sponsored by Eyes on You.

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