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Climate Pledge Arena Food Tour! | Local Lens Seattle

It’s Earth month 🌍 So I'm celebrating and trying to do my part at another Kraken game at Climate Pledge Arena! Sponsored by Premera Blue Cross

SEATTLE — It’s Earth month! 🌍 So I am celebrating and trying to do my part at another Kraken game at Climate Pledge Arena!

I got to meet several people from CPA and learn all about what they are doing at the arena as far as sustainability is concerned.

So, why now? April is the Kraken’s first Green Month! The arena is committed to being carbon neutral by 2040💚! In honor of celebrating Earth Month, let’s all try some small acts that can lead to big change.

One way you can start is by lowering your water usage. CPA conserves water with a rain to rink system which collects rain from the roof of Climate Pledge Arena and funnels it to an underground 15,000 gallon cistern. That water is filtered and treated to be used to resurface the ice the Kraken plays on. To date they have utilized over 120,000 gallons of rainwater. ✅

The night I visited I got to meet with Climate Pledge Arena Executive Chef Molly DeMers, who talked to me about the different sustainable food 🍽 options at the stadium. I tried several dishes and my favorites were the Bacon Pop Rock Kraken Potato (featuring Pop Rocks; this sounds weird but it was SO good) and the Impossible Chicken Nuggets. These are plant based but honestly, I couldn’t taste the difference. Highly recommend! One nugget of information I found super interesting from Chef DeMers – the food at the arena is purchased as locally as possible, with 75% of all produce from farmers within a 300-mile radius.

After the taste test, I checked out the new warmup jersey the Kraken players were sporting for Green Night. It was designed locally and features eco-friendly imagery. The jerseys were also put up for auction with proceeds benefiting One Roof Foundation, the Kraken’s charity, with a portion going to Duwamish River Community Coalition.

More information can be found here: https://www.theclimatepledge.com.

This video is sponsored by Premera Blue Cross.

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