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Opinion | COVID-19 wreaking havoc on marriages | Richard Ransom

Americans are searching the internet for “a divorce lawyer near me.”

MEMPHIS, Tennessee — In Tuesday’s Ransom Note: a side effect from the COVID-19 pandemic you might not have thought about, divorces.

An agency called Semrush, which monitors what we’re searching for online, says it’s seeing a huge rise in Americans wanting to know about “a divorce lawyer near me,” up 133% between January and April of this year compared to last year. People searching for ideas on how to make marriage proposals are down 13% during the same time. But it's not all depressing: people searching on whether they should have a baby are up 17%.

Semrush says the pandemic had more of us using the downtime to reflect on our current situations as well as the results of the big decisions we make in life. If this data is true, the travel industry isn't the only one about to benefit as things loosen up, so are divorce attorneys.

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