Ted Land had received a similar call before.

He was getting put on a plane to cover a horrific mass shooting. Last week it was Las Vegas. Last year it was Orlando’s Pulse Nightclub.

Land said there was one noticeable difference between the two tragedies.

“In Orlando, it was a lot of people who lived there,” he said. “The impacts were much more obvious.

“In Las Vegas, it was different in that these people came from all across the country,” he continued, adding there was no one gathering spot where the community could come together until a few days after the shooting.

When one was set up in the Bellagio lobby, he found a message from a daughter who seemed to have lost her mother in the shooting.

"Mom, I love you with all my heart and I promise I'll make you proud! Thank you for being a light on everyone's life. This ones for you mom. [Love] Your daughter Amber."