Geekwire co-found Todd Bishop believes Toronto is a front-runner for Amazon’s second headquarters, or HQ2.

"This is something that could give them a completely different perspective on the world," Bishop said, noting Canada’s differing stance on immigration compared to the United States.

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"You have the potential uprooting of the H1B visa program, which Amazon, Microsoft, and a lot of other companies use,” Bishop explained of the United States’ current policy being up in the air.

Last week, Amazon announced the public process of creating a second headquarters to go along with Seattle’s sprawling downtown campus.

Bishop told KING 5 in a Facebook Live that Austin, Texas is a strong possibility as well.

“This in many respects is a wakeup call to Seattle and the region,” Bishop said.

“I think a lot of people in the community have taken Amazon’s growth for granted and, in part, seen it as more of nuisance than a benefit,” continued Bishop. “And there are a lot of communities that would kill for the problems that Amazon brings to Seattle because of the upside.”

Response deadline is October 19. Announcement in 2018.