PORTLAND, Ore. — Many West Coast residents are on edge following several earthquakes in California and Washington, so an alert sent out to neighbors using the Ring doorbell about an impending earthquake certainly caused a stir in Portland.

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The warning claims a 6.8-magnitude earthquake is "going to strike in the next 24 hours from Portland to Eugene." 

"Stay on high alert until further notice," the message, that appears to be from the National Weather Service, reads. 

We wanted to Verify: Is this earthquake warning real?

It certainly looks official, but the main problem with this "warning" is that no such warning - especially one giving you a 24-hour heads up about an earthquake - exists.

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According to Tyree Wilde with the NWS, the post was fake and the NWS doesn't even forecast earthquakes in the first place.

And according to Savannah Bigley with Ring.com, the text was posted by a neighbor in the area and eventually taken down by moderators.

Bigley says any official text from moderators will be marked with "news team" in orange text in the top left corner of the post.

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Plus, scientists say when the "Big One" -- or any other earthquake occurs -- you'll only get a heads up of about a minute (or less) ahead of impact in the first place.

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