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VERIFY: Fact-checking debate claims about Joe Biden's tax plan

Vice President Mike Pence and Sen. Kamala Harris argued over the facts of Joe Biden's tax plans and whether Americans will pay more.

During the vice presidential debate, Vice President Mike Pence and Sen. Kamala Harris went back and forth over the details of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden's tax plan.

Harris said Biden wouldn't increase taxes on anybody making less than $400,000 a year. Pence said Biden would increase taxes on everybody by repealing the Trump administration's tax cuts.


Will Biden only increase taxes on people making more than $400,000 a year? Will he repeal the Trump administration tax cuts?


The tax plan on Biden's campaign website does say he won't increase taxes on anybody making less than $400,000 and different analyses have backed that up.

While Biden has said he will repeal the Trump tax cuts, he has only said he will repeal the cuts given to people making more than $400,000 and will leave the rest in place.

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Joe Biden outlines his tax vision on his campaign website, where he says that he won't raise taxes on people making less than $400,000 and will look to give tax cuts to the middle class.

Analyses of Biden's tax plan by the Tax Policy Center, Tax Foundation and the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget all say Biden's tax plan won't lead to an increase in direct taxes for people making less than $400,000 a year. 

The analyses do indicate that Biden's proposed corporate tax hikes could indirectly lead to workers having to pay more because the businesses could pass along some of those costs.

As for his stance on repealing the Trump tax cuts, the tax policy organizations above say Biden will specifically repeal its provisions that give cuts to people with higher incomes.

The Tax Policy Center says, "Biden's plan would roll back income tax reductions from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 (TCJA) for taxpayers with incomes above $400,000" while the Tax Foundation says his plan will "repeal the TCJA components for high-income filers."

So, while Biden has said he will repeal the Trump tax cuts, his plan indicates he will only repeal the parts of it that apply to people making more than $400,000.

But it's important to note that Biden cannot do it alone. The Trump tax cuts were passed by Congress and signed into law. It will take another act of Congress to repeal them.