OLYMPIA, Wash. -- LGBTQ activists came armed only with toilet paper.

They were here to make a mess. Activists from LGBTQ Allyship are mad about several new bills aimed at restricting transgender bathroom access.

They started with Republican State Senator Pam Roach's office. They TP'd her office, but she wasn't there.

State Senator Roach of Auburn chairs the Rules Committee. She also supports the new bills that would undo the state's Human Rights Commission ruling.
Late last year, it clarified that transgender people have access to a bathroom or locker room of their chosen gender.
LGTBQ Allyship says those behind the bills are fear-mongering.

"The logic that conservatives are using right now is that transgender and gender non-conforming people are putting children and cisgender people at risk by using the same public accommodations, when it's actually transgender people who are put at risk by having to go to a bathroom that doesn't match the way they present," said Denechia Powell, LGBTQ Allyship.

State Senator Pam Roach declined KING 5's interview request.