How long would you wait for a green light?

Adam Dodge waited 26 minutes and 18 seconds for a green light to walk across Martin Luther King Jr. Way and Genesee Street after pushing the button for the crosswalk signal.

"The neighbors have been trying to get SDOT to fix the settings so you don't need to wait so long," said Dodge, who recorded his wait and edited it together for the city to see." I decided to take matters into my own hands, setup a camera, and get proof how long it takes."

The video shows Dodge pushing the pedestrian crossing button and waiting for the next 28 minutes.

Dodge thinks the problem is light rail trains that get signal priority, so they don't have to wait for red lights.

During peak times, when trains run every six minutes, Dodge speculates the trains somehow cause a glitch in the pedestrian crossing signal causing it to "forget" that someone pushed the button.

According to SDOT, engineers inspected the intersection after Dodge's video surfaced.

Engineers found no problems with the hardware. They are now inspecting the software to determine if they can identify a problem.

"I really want it to remember there's a person there," said Dodge.