When it comes to the clothes that a baby wears, it's usually Mom making the fashion choices.

But for Seattle dad Kevin Connolly, that couldn't be further from the truth.

He left a career in the technology industry to launch Toora Loora, a brand that specializes exclusively in clothing for young children, in 2017. Kevin's epiphany came after becoming frustrated with the designs of conventional baby clothes when dressing his young son, Quinn.

"I remember getting to the end of one of the body suits or his one-pieces and getting to the last button and realizing there was nowhere to button," Connolly recalled. "So it was all wrong? And just ripping it open and starting again from the bottom at 3 in the morning while he was screaming...there just had to be a better way."

And now there is. Toora Loora garments are custom designed and crafted, made from soft and durable natural fabrics.

"I wanted clothing that I would wear, just smaller, and it didn't exist," Connolly said. "Baby clothes were uninspiring. And, they didn't really work!"

toorahloorah1 (2)_1541734501644.png.jpg
Toora Loora garments are custom designed and crafted, made from soft and durable natural fabrics.

Toora Loora fans rave about the stretch and softness of the garments' natural fabrics, which are easy to care for and built to last. The brand also offers buyers multiple ways to choose their baby's clothing, with an opt-in subscription service, which is ideal for growing infants, or traditional purchasing.

Kevin also emphasized that a big priority for Toora Loora is giving back. With each purchase, 5 percent is donated to babies in need. Customers also have the option to donate their worn or outgrown baby clothes to Babies of Homelessness, as each Toora Loora box includes an envelope and a prepaid shipping label.

And for Kevin, the inspiration behind his company's name is close to his heart. "Toora Loora" comes from the Irish lullaby his mother used to sing to him as a child, and he and his wife, Jody, now sing to Quinn.

"There are verses, but nobody in Ireland knows or sings the verses," Connolly said. "Toora Loora loora. Toora Loora Lay."

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