SPOKANE, Wash. — A Spokane woman is spending her Thanksgiving holiday driving to California with a truck full of supplies for families affected by the devastating wildfires in California.

Miranda Detore is a former firefighter of 10 years.

She has also provided humanitarian help overseas in the past, so the images of broken homes, fire and devastation bring back memories and strong emotions.

“Seeing the fires like that literally brought me to tears, I mean I can't imagine being involved in a fire fight like that,” Detore said.

Even though she is hundreds of miles away, Detore has been speaking with friends and agencies on the ground in California to find ways to raise money and collect donations for those in need.

“They don't have any bedding, they don't have sleeping pads, they don't have food, they don't have water, they have lost everything they own,” she said. “They need sanitation supplies, they are also looking for warm clothing, clean clothing, everything needs to be new, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, wool socks, hats, blankets, jackets. Cash donations are needed, gift cards are needed."

Detore has made calls to the local fire departments who will be accepting and distributing any funds she raises.

“Personal friends of mine were being displaced and running for their lives. That hit me,” Detore said.

This also includes her friend Lucas.

"He is in absolute distress right now with his community,” she said.

“Many of those people are known to Lucas and are friends, to be either missing or gone,” Detore said.

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“We are up here way far away from the situation in Spokane, we are not directly affected by this, but many people in our community have loved ones in paradise or in that area, or did,” Detore said. “If I could find a truck to use we can fill it up here in Spokane and hopefully I would be on the road by Wednesday."

Detore is still looking for a 27-foot box truck to deliver supplies to California. If you would like to donate or contact her, you can do so via Facebook or contact her at (206) 914-4278.