SPOKANE, Wash. --- A man was charged with assaulting a Spokane Police Officer after he filmed the officer helping a man, but then attacked the officer.

The incident on August 1, was captured by the officer's body camera.

Police say anyone is welcome to shoot video of them working and it is something that happens quite a bit, but in this case, the man got in the way of the officer being able to do his job and that's when it became a problem.

“This is not an unusual situation we have to deal with people that are either emotional driven or chemically induced driven,” Sergeant Shawn Kendall said.

The officer in the video responded to a call about a man intoxicated and drinking in downtown Spokane.

In the video, the officer is telling the man help is on the way.

But while the officer is trying to help the man sitting on the sidewalk, Cory Counts gets in the officer’s face.

“Being a police officer, you'll come to one problem that may have numerous facets of a problem that you have to fix and you just have to prioritize and obviously look like you're trying to assist the gentlemen medical assistance or detox and then this gentleman interceded and it became well I’m going to have to deal with this,” Kendall said.

Throughout the video, the officer stays calm and attempts to reason with Counts.

WARNING: Graphic language in post below

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“If you listen, the subject's voice was elevated with profanity very emotional. Sergeant Kannberg was low, quiet and trying to gain control. We really try to phrase these things because people would rather be asked then ordered and he phrased pretty much all his direction in the form of a question throughout, until the end then it became an order,” Kendall said.

Counts continued to make comments about trying to record the officer once again.

Spokane Police officials said it is not uncommon for people to take video of officers, in fact, it is almost expected these days. They said it becomes a problem when someone interferes with the officers' ability to do their jobs.

“Especially downtown and in crowded areas people are going to be interested and watch and I have no problem with that. But, when you step in front of or get involved and you hinder or delay, that's actually a crime, that's obstructing and you can go to jail for it,” Kendall said.

Counts was arrested and charged with assaulting a law enforcement officer for the incident.