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Sorting Fact from Fiction: Answering your biggest questions about misinformation & fraud

Expert advice on how to reliably identify truth, fraud, and stop the spread of misinformation. Sponsored by AARP Washington.

Danielle Pascual, Dawn Boughton, New Day Northwest

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Published: 11:23 AM PDT September 14, 2020
Updated: 10:16 AM PDT October 16, 2020

In this era of technology and innovation, we have access to more information than at any other point in human history.  Interactive platforms and Social Media has brought us closer, but they've also enabled the spreading of falsehoods and fraud on a massive scale. Our need for reliable information from sources we trust has never been higher, but many people just don't know who to believe anymore.

To help you reliably identify truth and avoid scams, we put out a survey to discover what your biggest questions about misinformation are, and in partnership with AARP Washington, assembled a panel of non-partisan experts to provide answers.  

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