DUBLIN, GA -- A display at a Dublin grocery store is getting some attention on Facebook.

Three crosses made from cartons of Coca-Cola tower over the soda aisle at the Food Depot on 2103 Veterans Blvd.

Store manager Steve Logue says he got the idea from another store.

"The first person who saw it said she liked it and took a picture," said Logue.

The picture ended up on Facebook. It only has about a dozen comments, but it has more than 400 'likes.'

One person commented, "Tacky. Is nothing sacred." She followed that up with, "Pretty sure the big guy preferred wine over high fructose corn syrup."

Other comments were more appreciative. "This is very thoughtful and sweet ... Thanks to the companies for recognizing our Savior...Much respect."

Logue said his Coke vendor helped him build the display on Monday.