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New Seattle Chamber poll shows voter distrust across city districts

More than a thousand people were polled prior to election day

A new poll from the Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce Chamber’s political arm, CASE, suggests there is voter unrest with the Seattle City Council, and it is notable in certain districts.

A Civic Alliance for a Sound Economy (CASE) poll of likely voters was conducted by EMC Research on Oct. 22 and 23. That poll included a small sample size of 250 people in each district.  EMC said the margin of error is 6.2 percentage points.

In Seattle’s District 1 (West Seattle, South Park) where Lisa Herbold is seeking re-election, the poll found that 72% of voters are ‘very closely’ or ‘somewhat closely’ watching the City Council race between Herbold and Phil Tavel.  

Of those voters, only 27% felt the City was headed in the right direction and 61% felt it was on the wrong track.  The percentage of those who feel the city is on the wrong track is up 12 points after a poll the month before.

The poll also showed, that in D1, 53% of voters had an unfavorable rating of the Council, as opposed to 38% favorable.

In District 3 (Central Seattle), where Kshama Sawant is seeking re-election, 74% of respondents said they were very or somewhat closely watching the races, and 44% felt the City was off on the wrong track. 

The unfavorable rating was at 48% versus 45% who had a favorable opinion.

District 4 (Northeast Seattle) voters are really watching the races, with 81% saying they are closely paying attention, and 44% saying the City is on the wrong track. 56% had an unfavorable opinion of the City Council.

67% of voters are closely watching the Council races in District 6 (Northwest Seattle), and 55% say the City is on the wrong track, up 12 points in a month. 

55% of those polled also have an unfavorable view of the Council, with only 33% viewing the Council positively.

D7 (Pioneer Square to Magnolia), which includes downtown, found 72% of voters were watching the election, and 51% think the City is on the wrong track. Those with an unfavorable view was more than the favorable, at 53-39%.

All told, 1,250 voters were polled in the five districts.  

It’s not immediately clear why voters in D5 (North Seattle) or D2 (South Seattle) were not part of the survey.

Read the full polling results here.