SEATTLE — If you’re willing to brave the cold and snow to bike commute to work, Seattle will give you a helping hand. During the snowstorm, the city is plowing bike lanes on major city streets in addition to roadways for vehicles.

To plow the protected bike lanes, the Seattle Department of Transportation uses skid steers or skid loaders, which are four-wheel vehicles with a shovel on the front. SDOT has one skid steer and rented four more to clear lanes during the storm.

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Bike lanes that are on the emerald and gold routes can be cleared using plows and de-icers, but the protected lanes require a more “active response,” according to SDOT.

Most of the bike lanes that are treated are downtown or major corridors leading into downtown. They include Pike and Pine Streets, Second Avenue, Seventh Avenue, Alaskan Way, Dexter Avenue, Westlake Avenue, Broadway, the Port Side Trail, and the Elliot Bay Trail.

MAP: Queen Anne and South Lake Union bike lanes plowed

MAP: Downtown and Capitol Hill bike lanes plowed