The Kirkland Police Department has found that its officers did not violate internal policy when they helped the owner of a frozen-yogurt shop expel a black man, Byron Ragland, from the store in November.

The department said Friday that officers handled the call in accordance with "departmental norms" and did not act out of racial bias, The Seattle Times reports. However, officers "missed the opportunity to mediate between the employees and Mr. Ragland," the department said.

Ragland was at a Menchie's overseeing an outing between a mother and son as part of his work as a court-appointed special advocate.

The store owner called 911 saying his employees felt "scared." Police arrived, requested his personal information, and told him the owner wanted him to leave. Ragland left.

Police later apologized and said the department has a new protocol of responding to such calls.

Later that month, Ragland's attorney said they were considering legal action against store owner Ramon Cruz and the Kirkland Police Department.