GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - The gifts are open. Wrapping paper has been thrown away. But what about those shipping boxes?

“Give Back Box is a new way you can donate items to nonprofits without leaving your home," said founder Monika Wiela.

So how does it work? Start by gathering items you want to donate, like clothes, shoes or books. Go to and print a free-shipping label. Put it on a used shipping box and give it to the USPS mail person.

“Everything stays locally in the U.S.," said Wiela. "You as a customer don't have to worry about the shipping. It's free for you. We work on the back end with charities to make sure everyone who needs it, gets it."

Wiela says Give Back Box is in the process of establishing a working relationship with the Salvation Army in the Twin Cities, which is in desperate need of donations.

“We use clothing, household goods, furniture, shoes," said Tom Canfield of the Salvation Army. "Anything you find in the house that you use on an everyday basis are the items we are looking to receive in donation.”