OLYMPIA, Wash. – Winemakers testified Monday in favor and against a bill that would allow the sale of wine in growlers at Washington state bars, liquor stores, and other wine retailers.

Current law only allows wine sales in refillable containers at a winery’s tasting room.

Sen. Judy Warnick, R-Moses Lake, is sponsoring the bill she said would benefit wineries, the state’s wine industry, and would encourage recycling.

Wildridge Winery and Vineyard winemaker Paul Beveridge supports the legislation and already sells growlers of his wine from his Seattle winery.

“Get the people to taste it, and then they’ll start buying it,” said Beveridge, who is also president of the Family Wineries of Washington State.

Josh Stottlemyer, owner of Stottle Winery, said he may eventually start selling growlers from his Lacey tasting room, but does not like the idea of others filling growlers with his wine.

“As soon as you take it out of the winemaker’s hands, you lose control of the process,” said Stottlemyer. “You lose control of the quality.”