Where do Republicans running in Washington stand on Trump? Here's our rundown.

Chris Vance, candidate for U.S. Senate:

Vance announced he would not vote for Trump in May.

Bill Bryant, candidate for Governor:

Bryant announced in August he would not vote for Trump. It’s a topic that came up during the first gubernatorial debate in Spokane.

Marty McClendon, candidate for Lt. Governor candidate:

KING 5 has reached out for comment from McClendon. We are still waiting for a response.

Mark Miloscia, candidate for State Auditor:

“I am furious at Trump’s disturbing and inexcusable words, and cannot for the life of me understand why any self-respecting man would speak about women in this manner. I have not, and will not, endorse anyone this year. As for my vote, I am not sure I will be voting for President this year as I am very disheartened in all the choices.”

Kim Wyman, Incumbent Secretary of State:

“As the state’s chief elections officer who must make decisions regarding access to the ballot, Sec. Wyman has consistently stated she will not endorse anyone in this year’s Presidential Election.”

Duane Davidson, candidate for Treasurer:

"I was offended by many things Donald Trump has said even before the latest revelation. Obviously, I am now even more disappointed in him as a person and a candidate.

I feel more strongly than ever that I need to keep to my promise to not inject politics into the State Treasurer's office. This has been my view from day one of my campaign, and its the core reason of why I am running."

Michael Waite, candidate for Treasurer:

"There is a distinction in the race for Treasurer. I am not voting for Donald Trump. My opponent, Duane Davidson, has said over-and-over in one forum or another that he is going to vote for Trump.

"I said a month ago on your show and to other reporters a month before that I will not vote for Donald Trump. I have lost support from Republican organizations because I will not support Trump but that doesn’t matter because this is the right thing to do. I want to be able to look my wife and my daughters in the eye and let them know Trump is just wrong.

"I continue to focus on achieving our goal of having a finance professional – not a professional politician and bureaucrat – as State Treasurer."

Steve McLaughlin, candidate for Lands Commissioner:

“The more I reflect on it, the more disappointed and offended I am by Trump’s behavior as shown in the 2005 video.

“After the Navy’s Tailhook scandal in 1991, (in which male aviators sexually harassed and assaulted female aviators) I was among the first officers the Navy selected to teach a new class on sexual harassment. They selected me because they knew how firmly I held the principles of mutual respect and proper comportment. The values I was raised by and have held throughout my life are all people should be treated with dignity and respect whether or not the person is present. So you can imagine my reaction to the 2005 video. What Trump said is thoroughly disgusting; it showed reprehensible conduct that is unacceptable anywhere, anytime, by anyone.

“Loyalty is another part of my foundation, as it is in the military and for good leaders everywhere. However, that value led me as a Republican to refrain speaking out longer than I should have.

“As a result of Mr. Trump’s conduct described above, I will not support my party’s nominee. I cannot support Hillary Clinton either, so I will carefully evaluate the remaining candidates before I vote."

This story will be updated as KING 5 receives more statements from Republicans running for office.