OLYMPIA, Wash. — Could the sinking of the Titanic play a role in a state Supreme Court race?

Incumbent Justice Steven Gonzalez is encouraging voters to do their homework before choosing to vote for him or his opponent, attorney Nathan Choi.

“If you believe the Titanic was intentionally sunk to change the banking regulations, then you may support him,” said Gonzalez.

Choi’s campaign website contains postings of conspiracy theories regarding the 1912 sinking of the Titanic and theories of the “Deep State” running the U.S. government.

Choi said he is reserving judgment on those theories but defended posting them on his site.

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“You’ve got to look at the arguments from this point and… that point,” said Choi, “I think that makes me more fair.”

Choi said he was prompted to run after feeling like the current justices were legislating from the bench.

Imcumbent state Supreme Court Justice Steven Gonzalez (left) and challenger Nathan Choi.

When Gonzalez ran in 2012 pollsters said voters who weren’t familiar with his name might have been reluctant to vote for someone with a Hispanic last name.

“The way I see it, ignorance is my enemy,” said Gonzalez. “What I’d ask is everyone do his or her research before voting.”

Choi said he didn’t believe ethnicity would be a factor, noting that he too has an ethnic last name.

“It doesn’t matter what your name is," said Choi. "It matters on what you are as a person."

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