Even though the race is effectively over, until presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump hits the needed number of delegates, his super supporters say every vote counts.

“We're doing anything and everything, so at this point, I say embrace our differences,” said Brina Sanft, a King County Trump volunteer.

“Every vote counts,” Sanft said. “My goal is to get past 1,237 as fast as possible and move on from there.”

Trump's Washington state campaign believes he will win big during Tuesday’s presidential primary. The results will bind the state's delegates to the National Convention.

But beneath the surface, it’s the Ted Cruz slate that cleaned up at the Washington State Republican Party State Convention in Pasco, this past weekend. Cruz supporters secured 40 out of 41 individual delegates slots in Cleveland.

State Republican Chairman Susan Hutchison and Washington’s two RNC members will also attend the National Convention as automatic delegates, and have pledged to support the Party’s nominee.

The only non-Cruz national delegate elected in Pasco was Vancouver, Washington Trump supporter Joel Mattila.

Complete list of delegates

“We want to make sure that we’ve got a strong presence in Cleveland to make sure we keep the Republican platform a very conservative platform,” said Cruz convention coordinator Paul Hess.

Cruz supporters had been organizing across Washington state for nearly a year. The Texas senator suspended his campaign on the eve of scheduled campaign visits to Bothell and Spokane.

“We had all of our people in place, and then all of a sudden, bang—no candidate,” said Hess described. “We had a decision to make: go home or stay in place.”

“We decided, okay, we’re going to go for it. We’re not going to disrupt the convention. We’re not going to walk out. We’re not going to boo. We’re not going to derail Donald J. Trump in anyway. We want to be able to come together. I want to see a Republican president in November,” said Hess.

However, Hess, a national delegate himself, also has his eye on 2020 and influencing convention rules that will carry into next election cycle.

“We want to be ready for 2020 with a team all over this state,” he said.

Trump supporters, meanwhile, have their sights set on Tuesday’s primary and then November.

“We’re trying to unify to help protect and advance America. This about America.”

As for unifying Washington State Republicans, Sanft believes it’s going to take time.

“In all candor, there is still some resistance. This is a mourning process,” admitted Hess.

"After the primary, we will work with the delegation to maintain a conservative platform and unity at the National Convention," Trump state chair Don Benton told KING 5.