As Election Day approaches, voters in Arlington have a big decision to make: a $107 million bond measure to preserve public schools is on the ballot.

The bond would increase annual property taxes in Arlington by about $600 for a $350,000 house, but district Director of Operations Brian Lewis says school taxes will go down – even if the bond passes.

"Our ability to collect operating levy taxes is going down from $3.31 per thousand to $1.50 per thousand in 2019," Lewis said. "The bond, at 74 cents per thousand, is actually a net tax decrease."

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Much of the bond would go to pay for a new Post Middle School. Schools officials say the 38-year-old building doesn't meet current earthquake standards.

Post is also very much out of date when it comes to school security in these days of mass shootings.

Security would be improved at all of the district's schools, if the measure passes.

The school district would also use some of the money to expand Arlington High School and buy land for a new elementary school.