PORTLAND, Ore. — It  will become more expensive to paddle a boat in Oregon starting January, 2020.

The person who owns or rents out the boat would be expected to buy the permit. They will pay $17 for a 1-year permit, $30 for 2 years or $5 for 1 week. Anyone over 15 would have to have one or face a fine of $115.

The  fee caught some people by surprise.

“I'd just like to read more about this law and understand it some more,” a passerby said.

Others don't think it will change their desire to be on the water.

“Seventeen dollars is because I really enjoy the water and if it’s because it’s to protect the wildlife and it's going toward a good cause, I wouldn't have any problem paying it,” said another man.

The waterway access permit replaces the Aquatic Invasive Species Permit.

One-third of revenue from fees will go toward the Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention fund account. The other two-thirds of the fees would be used for grants to state, local and tribal governments, along with park organizations, to acquire property, leases or easements to improve waterway access. Fees could also be used for construction and maintenance of docks, ramps or other facilities.

The bill is currently with Governor Brown and if she were to sign it, it would go into effect on January 1. But it will not be enforced until August 2020.