SPOKANE, Wash. – The College Republican National Committee released a statement Monday condemning white supremacy and terrorism in Charlottesville, and calling on College Republican leaders who supported the event to resign.

“Advocates for white nationalism, racial supremacy of any kind, and terrorism have no home in the Republican Party or anywhere else in America,” wrote Chandler Thornton, the CRNC national chairman.

The release comes after news broke of the Washington State University College Republican president’s attendance and speaking role at the event.

“The National Executive Board for the College Republican National Committee calls on leaders in our organization who may support or condone these events to resign immediately," Thorton wrote.

Allsup confirmed he attended the “Unite the Right” event. Sunday, he told KREM 2 he disagrees with the violence that took place in Charlottesville.

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The Twitter account, "Yes, You are Racist" has been using the hashtag, #ExposeTheAltRight to identify individuals who attended the rally. The account named Allsup as one of them.

"They have no proof that I'm a racist," Allsup said on Sunday. "They are slandering me and that I'm racist without evidence because I talk about history and I talk about American politics."

The WSU President, Kirk Schulz took to Twitter on Sunday to denounce racism and Nazism of any kind.

"Hate has no place at WSU," he wrote."

A photo of Allsup with Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers has also been circulated on the internet. McMorris Rodgers, who spoke out Sunday against the rioting in Virginia, said through a spokesperson that she did not know Allsup and does not support "anyone who took part in the hateful events in Virginia."

"She often takes photos with student groups when visiting colleges throughout Eastern Washington; the photo circulating was taken after a debate she participated in at WSU before the 2016 election," Jared Powell, a spokesman for McMorris Rodgers said in a statement.

KREM 2 has reached out to Allsup for comment, but has not yet heard back. His phone appears to have been disconnected.