Before he was mayor, Ed Murray served the city in the state House of Representatives and Senate, and fellow Democrats and Republicans remembered Murray as an effective state lawmaker Tuesday.

“It’s a tragic day for the city,” said Sen. Jamie Pedersen, D-Seattle.

Democrats chose Pedersen to fill Murray’s seat when he was elected mayor in 2012.

Pedersen, who was a Representative before moving to the Senate, called Murray the "architect" of the marriage equality bill, which enabled same sex couples to get married.

Sen. Mark Schoesler, R-Ritzville, did not back that measure, but remembered Murray as someone he was able to work with to pass a balanced budget in 2011.

“I think he understood how to get things done,” said Schoesler, “More so than many Seattle legislators.”

Former Democratic Governor Chris Gregoire said had Murray run for re-election she was willing to back his campaign “1,000 percent.”

“He has been a very good mayor,” said Gregoire.

She said she did not know anything about the validity of allegations, but noted how devastating they can be to a candidate.