TACOMA, Wash. – For the first time in Pierce County history, a mother and son will both serve on Pierce County Council together.

Longtime State Sen. Pam Roach was recently elected to the second district on the Pierce County Council. She joins her son Dan Roach, who serves as the first district county councilman.

"In any field I think where parents are enjoying their work, children see that,” said Pam.

Dan got his first taste of politics after watching his mother in the early 1990s.

"I was 14 years old, and I had the opportunity to page in Olympia and see a little bit more about how the process works,” Dan said.

He would eventually follow his mother in the state legislature. Pam served as the state senator in the 31st district. Dan Roach officially jumped into the political scene in 2000.

"She was in the Senate seat, and then there are two House seats in each district, and I was in seat No. 1, so we represented the exact same constituency, except she was in the House side, I was on the Senate side," said Dan.

"First time in U.S. history, and we did it for 10 years,” said Pam.

But then the roles reversed and now most recently Pam followed her son Dan.

"I think it was a big surprise,” said Pam. “‘Oh, by the way, I'm running for Council District Two.’”

They're practically going to be side by side, and while they're both Republican and agree on similar issues, they do have some differences.

"We have different styles,” said Pam. “He's much more thoughtful and relaxed, that's how it's going to appear to the public. I'm very thoughtful, but not so relaxed. My mother used to say to me, ’Patience is a virtue, and a little wouldn’t hurt you.’”

In the end, they say serving together has been exciting and hopefully something that can pass on.

"It's really fun to look back on grandparents and great grandparents,” Dan said. “And when you have little stories like that, it's really fun to look back on.”