The race for King County sheriff heats as a veteran deputy enters the race against incumbent John Urquhart.

Major Mitzi Johanknecht is running against the man she campaigned for four years ago.

In her 32 years with the King County Sheriff's Office, she's worked in almost every unit, including search and rescue. Major Johanknecht now commands the Southwest Precinct for the sheriff's office.

Entering the race for top cop, she knows she has an uphill battle. She faces the incumbent, John Urquhart, a familiar face to the public, known for his down-to-earth straight talk.

“When I campaigned for him, I really believed he would deliver what he said he would deliver, and that he would be transparent in that process. Unfortunately, transparency is not a word I want to use anymore,” she said.

Johanknecht declined to go into detail, but the media-savvy sheriff has had to fend off some negative press, along with accusations of retaliation and harassment.

This veteran wants to restore honor and rebuild morale.

“Bringing the integrity back to the sheriff's office is key. Re-invigorating the members of the sheriff's office to be a part of the leadership team and having progressive modern leaders in our law enforcement organization.”

When it comes to campaigning, she knows who's the rookie in this race and who's the pro. Urquhart has already collected a long list of endorsements.

"I think the voters will have a very clear choice as to the direction of the sheriff's office for the next four years,” he said to KING 5 in a written statement.

This candidate may have concerns running against her boss, but not for herself.

“Just this week a high-ranking staffer within the sheriff's office made direct and veiled threats against a member of the office,” she said. “If that person chooses to support me.”