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Rossi, Schrier hit the streets in final days of 8th Congressional District campaign

The race for the hotly-contested 8th congressional district is coming down to the wire. Supporters of Dino Rossi and Kim Schrier are working the ground game in the final days of the campaign.

As election day fast approaches, the race for the hotly-contested 8th Congressional District is coming down to the wire.

Recent polls show Republican Dino Rossi and Democrat Dr. Kim Schrier in a dead heat. So both candidates are working the ground game in the final days of the campaign that has become one of the most expensive House races.

Saturday, Schrier’s camp planned visits to Auburn, Ellensburg, and Wenatchee.

Dr. Kim Schrier at an event in Auburn Saturday.

“They’re talking about a hundred votes difference, so personal contact is huge,” said Schrier supporter Holly Townes.

She planned to go door knocking after a rally for union members in Auburn.

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“People just really want civility, so I’m excited to talk to people face to face,” Dianna Soule, a Schrier supporter, said. “Really bring civility back to politics.”

“It’s because of you all knocking on doors, making phone calls, having those one-on-one conversations, talking to your fellow union members that we’re going to flip this seat for the first time ever,” Dr. Schrier said to the gathered crowd.

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She said the team has knocked on thousands of doors, and will continue to do so down to the wire.

“I think people are going to show up, and they’re going to turn in their ballots, and that’s ultimately what’s going to put us over the top,” Schrier said.

Across the street, in Auburn, Rossi’s camp met at his campaign office, where volunteers were working the phones.

Dino Rossi at a campaign event Saturday in Auburn.

Mary Jennings, who recently moved to Washington, said every call helps.

“Yes, it actually does,” she said. “A lot of people I talk to have already voted, but it does put the reminder in there in case they haven’t voted yet.”

Rossi spoke to supporters after arriving from another event in Issaquah.

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“It’s really important if you can go door to door,” he said. “If you can’t physically do it and make some phone calls here today, that’s great. That’s good too, but we need to knock on doors because we’ve got to get back to those last voters. Got to get them together.”

Rossi said he understands close votes all too well, and hopes to win with a wide enough margin to avoid a recount.

“It’s a dead heat at this point, which is why every vote counts,” Rossi said. “That’s why we’re going door to door in the rain to make this happen.”

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