This weekend’s Inside Politics features a debate on the Carbon Tax Initiative on the ballot this November, I-732, modeled after a policy in British Columbia. Supporters are selling it a carbon tax, tax swap proposal with bi-partisan support. But, it’s an initiative that’s left progressive, labor and environmental divided.

Here’s what the measure would do, if passed:

  • Put in place a tax on carbon pollution from fossil fuels, starting at $15 dollars per ton in the first year, and increasing after that.
  • Cut sales tax by 1 percentage point
  • Reduce business and occupation tax for manufacturers
  • Expand a tax credit for low-income families

Proponents say tackling climate change can’t wait; opponents say the state can’t afford to get the policy wrong. Watch KING 5’s mini-debate to learn more.

Topics covered:

  • Is this proposal the best way to reduce carbon emissions?
  • Will it increase gas prices for the average consumer?
  • Will the tax swap cut into the state’s general fund, as critics have warned? Supporters maintain the plan is revenue neutral
  • If not this policy, then what?