State lawmakers have a lot of ideas about what they want to accomplish this year in Olympia. Cursive writing, growlers of wine, guns, and abortion are among the topics of pre-filed bills.

One measure put forth by Republicans would re-ignite a debate about bathroom access: Can a public or private entity limit restroom access based on gender?

Another Republican bill would allow fans to bring guns into sports stadiums and arenas.

Then there are the abortion measures -- a pair of them. One would require parental notification for patients under the age of 18. Another would prevent public dollars being used for certain abortions, which are not medically necessary.

On the education front, a proposed law would require cursive lessons in public schools. There's also a bill to eliminate using the high school science exam as a graduation requirement.

Then there are the proposed drone laws. One bill would require operators to have their aircraft clearly labeled with their name and phone number. Another measure would make it illegal to fly anywhere near Orcas.

On the topic of traffic, a group of lawmakers wants to do away with the I-405 express toll lanes, replacing them with a regular traffic lane and an HOV lane.

And for those of you who've ever felt like a bottle of wine just isn't adequate, this might be your year. A lawmaker wants to add wine to the list of beverages you can buy in a growler.

The legislature is scheduled to convene for its regular session on Jan. 9.

Read more of the pre-filed bills here.