Gov. Jay Inslee was quickly reminded of his support for the a historically big tax subsidy when he told The Daily Show the country needs to "reign in on a considerable number of corporate practices." 

Asked if large companies have too much power, and why he supported a $8.7 billion tax break for Boeing in 2013, the Democratic presidential candidate said large companies shouldn't have too much power. 

"If you've ever been mugged, then you understand what it feels like," Inslee said. 

Inslee said he was not happy about the situation with Boeing. 

"...because what happens is these corporations put a gun to your ribs and say you're going to lose 20,000 jobs unless you give us a tax break," Inslee said. "That is why I'm so adamant to stopping that kind of behavior. We should use the tax code so taxpayers aren't victimized like that." 

He wants to put an end to that. 

"No local communities should be blackmailed by any corporation," he said. "We have to be dedicated to that." 

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Of course, Inslee's primary focus during his time on cable television was climate change. The two-term Washington state governor announced his bid for president March 1 after months of speculation and public criticism of the current White House administration. 

An advocate for fighting climate change, he has pushed for a switch to a clean energy economy.

In a campaign video that coincided with his announcement, Inslee said, "I'm running for president because I'm the only candidate that will make defeating climate change our nation's number one priority."

He continued that message later in the day, saying the country has a "short period of time to act," and that this is the "eleventh hour."