Can you change your vote if you've already dropped off your ballot at a drop box or sent it in the mail?

One of our viewers stumped us with that question this week.

We didn't know the answer for sure, so we went to the experts.

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According to King County Elections, the first ballot received from a voter is what's counted. So, if you have sent in your ballot, but it hasn’t arrived at the King County Election offices then you still have a shot to make a change.

You can use the "My Voter Information" tool on the King County Elections website to track your ballot. If the ballot is still in transit, you have two options:

1. Go to King County Election’s online ballot marking program and follow the instructions to fill out and return a ballot to them either by email, fax, mail, or drop box.

2. Go to one of King County Election’s Accessible Voting Centers (AVC), which allows voters to mark their ballot on a tablet computer, print it out and place it in a drop box at the AVC.

If your ballot has already arrived, then it will be too late to make any changes, as the county cannot remove a ballot from the process. Ballots typically take about one day to process.

Editor's Note: This information is only valid for King County. Please check with the election office of your county for specific rules where you live.