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KING 5 News poll: Sanders top pick in Washington Democratic primary

An exclusive KING 5 News poll found Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden were the most popular presidential candidates among likely Democratic voters.

SEATTLE — If the 2020 presidential primary election were to happen today, Bernie Sanders could find himself earning the Democratic vote in Washington.

An exclusive KING 5 News poll found 26% of likely Democratic voters in Washington would cast their vote for Sanders followed by 21% for Joe Biden. Elizabeth Warren would garner 16% of the vote, and Mike Bloomberg would receive 12%.

However, it could be a different story by the actual primary on March 10. Of those likely Democratic voters, 64% said they might change their mind. And women are more likely to be on the fence than men: 71% of women said they might change their mind compared to 55% of men.

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Sanders was one of the most popular candidates among voters of color. He could earn support from 35% of black voters and 44% of Asian voters, according to the poll. Hispanic voters were split between Bloomberg (27%) and Sanders (24%).

"What really surprised me was the depth of the support, not only among liberals that are white supporting Bernie Sanders, but the Asian American community and the African American community," said Ron Sims, KING 5 News political analyst.

Among white voters, Sanders and Biden were tied as top candidate, each receiving support from 22% of likely Democratic voters.

KING 5 News political analyst Scott McClellan said the results mirror where the nation is going in the Democratic Party, "Sanders seems to be the one with momentum, Biden is holding steady at the top or near the top." 

Regardless of personal political views, the survey found 44% of voters thought a Democrat who’s currently campaigning would win the general election in November; 33% of voters thought President Donald Trump would win re-election.

Unsurprisingly, those thoughts changed when accounting for party lines – 79% of Republicans thought Trump would win, and 74% of Democrats thought a Democrat would win.

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SurveyUSA conducted the KING 5 News poll between Jan. 26 and Jan 31, surveying 1,400 adults across Washington state. Of those polled, 1,186 were registered to vote, and 536 were likely to vote in the Democratic primary.

About our KING 5 News political analysts:

Ron Sims is a former King County executive and served in the Obama Administration. Scott McClellan was a White House press secretary under President George W. Bush.

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