OLYMPIA, Wash. -- Republican Bill Bryant won’t disclose if he’s supporting the party’s presumptive presidential nominee, Donald Trump.

“The media wants to talk about Trump all the time. I’m running for Governor,” said Bryant, a former Port of Seattle Commissioner.

Thursday Bryant filed paperwork and paid a fee to appear on the August primary ballot.

Bryant said he has not submitted his primary ballot for next Tuesday’s Washington presidential primary.

He said he has not decided if he’ll say who he will vote for in that primary or the general election.

Washington voters have not elected a Republican governor in the general election since John Spellman in 1980, but Bryant said he does not consider himself a longshot.

“I will tell you, out there, talking to folks, there’s a real hunger for new leadership,” said Bryant, “People are saying it is time.”

In a written statement, Washington State Democrats Chair Jaxon Ravens said, "Bill Bryant is just another Republican putting forward the same Republican policies Washington state has rejected time and time again."
Candidates have until Friday at 5 pm to file for the ballot.

Bill Hirt and “Goodspaceguy” have also filed as a Republicans in the governor’s race.

Inslee and Patrick O’Rourke are the only Democrats to file.

Socialist Worker Party candidate Mary Martin, Independent Steve Rubenstein, and Fifth Republic Party David Blomstrom also will be on the ballot.

Also Thursday, former sportscaster Tony Ventrella filed to run for the congressional seat currently held by Rep. Dave Reichert, the Republican who represents King County.

Ventrella, a Democrat, said he is refusing to accept any contributions from political action committees. He said he only wants to raise funds from individual donors.

"I think a lot of the reason Congress has moved in the last couple of cycles," said Ventrella, "There's so much time spent trying to raise money to stay in office or get reelected."

Ventrella said he knows he is a long shot, but compared himself to Russell Wilson, a late NFL draft pick who was told he was too small to play football.

Rep. Reichert would not comment specifically on Ventrella's strategy, but in a written Reichert said, "It is because of our Democratic process and the desire of people from all walks of life to fulfill a civic duty, that we are the greatest nation in the world.”

In addition to Ventrella, Santiago Ramos is also running against Reichert as a Democrat.

Independent Keith Arnold has also filed to be on the August ballot.